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Quantum dot

The new EP "Random Causalities" is a fusion of the indie-electro style of Quantum dot, with the dreamy vocals that recall the Nordic landscapes dear to the singer Thorunn Egilsdottir.

About the project 

Quantum Dot is a project created in 2014 in Brussels by Lionel Jeusette, Patrick Ribeiro and Philippe Létalon. The musicians like to experiment with  real instruments (bass, guitar, piano, violin) which they then digitally rework and mix with electronic instruments.

Their style is thus characterized by the alliance between a pop tune with the synth style of the 1980s and a more contemporary industrial sound influenced by Paul Kalkbrenner, Sohn or even Lorde. After a first EP released in 2015 under the title “Brussels”, and an album released in 2016 under the title “Deschooling Society” (launched at the Rotondes), Quantum Dot has performed in Luxembourg, Belgium, France and Germany. Several songs are then played on numerous national radios, and the group is invited to give many interviews. In 2017, the group split: Lionel and Patrick continue the adventure without Philippe.

Between 2018 and 2020, the two producers released several titles, with renowned singers featuring, for example the song "Another Day", recorded with the American Kate Brady. It has been integrated into several YouTube playlists and has been viewed over 410,000 times. In 2019, the group created two remixes for two Luxembourgish artists, namely Daniel Balthasar and Charlotte Bridge. The same year, the producers teamed up with Thorunn Egilsdottir, singer of When 'Airy Met Fairy, which ultimately gave rise to the EP "Riverbed Sleep" which will be released in early 2021. The first single is released in 2020 and is called "Fast Forward ”. The music video for "Fast Forward" was directed by Joe Pickett, director of the Found Footage Festival.

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