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Higher Plain EP Review

The more I listen to Quantum Dot, the more they signify the European indie pop landscape. It’s a bit twee, a bit camp, quite moody and delightfully odd in places. Mostly it’s good fun. Perfect for those moments when you need something a little lighter but don’t want full-blown four-chord anthems but still need that bass. The trio have carved out a nice niche for themselves and can clearly write some decent grooves to boot. I hope they continue to lean into their oddness in the future.

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Melodic Magazine EP Review

It is a moving listen, each track taking us to places that invoke mystery, intrigue, even peril.  Quantum Dot achieve this through fleeting riffs, melodies, and beats, the minimal aspects of such elements paving way for Thorunn’s voice.  The When ‘Airy Met Fairy singer ties everything together, her pure and graceful timbre giving the lyrics extra edge.

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Fifteen Questions Interview

Communicating Beauty. Read the full interview by clicking on image.

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... The meditative, spellbinding sonic landscape Quantum Dot facilitates, with the help of the mellifluous vocals of Thorunn, enthrals you thanks to a gritty story of the carnage that follows breaking a lover’s heart...

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With Guitars

Thorunn’s vocals are at their most vulnerable in delicate piano-driven “Okay” – a liberating anthem about the acceptance of the impermanence of life. “Moments come and go and nothing is permanent,” explains Quantum Dot. “Whoever we are, whatever we do, we must live in the present moment.” The track is a reminder to confront negative emotions in order to power through to the brighter side.

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Nordic Watchlist interview

Read full interview by clicking on image.

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WERK.RE - Album Review

Fast Forward opens the EP in a rather downbeat fashion, with violins and multi-tracked vocals creating a brooding atmosphere in a track about seeing the good in bad times. Lead single Breaking Bones has a gentle tone, the intricate pulsing melodies almost hiding the meaning of the song, which portrays the cost of breaking someone’s heart. Okay sees a piano taking the lead as Thorunn Egilsdottir’s passionate vocals soar superbly. The message here is acceptance of the imperfection of life and making the best of it.

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Uncovering a narrative that describes the terrible consequences that a man has to endure after breaking a woman's heart, the disturbing tales shares a dark, gritty element to Quantum Dot's songwriting style. With the track bringing singer-songwriter Thorunn Egilsdottir on board, "Breaking Bones" reveals itself to be a brooding number laced with repelling light and dark melodies.

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Lock Magazine

"Having been described as a trio who have a tectonic nature and brooding vocals, it’s clear to see why Quantum Dot makes music that brings everyone together in a time where music is a much-needed therapy session." 

"Gritty lyrics and beautiful beats are combined into the new track ‘Breaking Bones’ and listeners will fall in love with the fact they are always happy to experiment with bass, guitar, piano, and violin as well as all areas of electronic instruments. It’s the perfect track to get your morning going."

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Spinex Music

At first it feels like a gentle heartbreak ditty, until you dig into the track’s gritty lyrics to uncover a rather disturbing narrative which describes the terrible consequences that a man has to endure after breaking a woman’s heart. It’s an enticing taste of the upcoming EP.

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Melodic Magazine

Using tectonic beats and delicate melodies to create an atmospheric Nordic sound, the trio set out for revenge.  With delicate vocals, Thorunn sings about heartbreak and why her ex better watch his back.  It all leads up to the ominous chorus, where she sings, “This is the sound you’ll hear when I’m breaking bones.”  You can check it out below.

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Higher Plain Music

The Luxembourg-based trio remind me heavily of SOHN. Expect interesting melodies, atypical setups and some clangs and crashes of percussion when it’s not emulating tiny machines. Capping it all off are the sultry vocals of singer-songwriter Thorunn Egilsdottir. She is also part of the band When Airy Met Fairy and her dream-like qualities work a treat in this musical setting. Quantum Dot have a really interesting approach to their songwriting. All the songs start off played on acoustic instruments first and then are digitally transposed across to electronic instruments. This means there is a version of every song arranged on piano, guitar, bass and violin before any synths make their way in. That’s quite a cool thing for an indie pop band and I’m sure there’s a crowd that’d love an acoustic concert of their songs one day too.

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The meditative, spellbinding sonic landscape Quantum Dot facilitates, with the mellifluous vocals of Thorunn enthrals you for a gritty story of the carnage that follows breaking a lover’s heart.

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Weekly Music Fix

"Together with Thorunn Egilsdottir (When ‘Airy Met Fairy), who joined the band in 2020, Quantum Dot is teasing the exciting next stage with single Breaking Bones – a truly addictive and unexpectedly vicious piece."

"Random Causalities is, without a doubt, one of the releases we need to keep on the top of our minds."

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Luxembourg’s Quantum Dot releases Spellbinding Single

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